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Hanuman, the well-known Mahaveer who is a god of hindi religion. Hanuman's other names are HANUMAT and PAVAN-SUTA. He is the son of VAYU, Hanuman is invariably worshipped and he is the most favored deity of wrestlers and grapplers. Several temples can be seen throughout the country of Hanumat. According to Hindu religion Scripture, When Lord Vishnu decided to incarnate on earth in the form of Rama, Lord Shiva professed his desire to serve him. Shiva’s intention perturbs Sati as she would have to stay apart from her beloved husband. Learning of Sati’s concern, Shiva promised to send only a portion of him to earth so that he could fulfil both the purposes.

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श्रीगुरु चरन सरोज रज, निज मनु मुकुरु सुधारि। बरनऊं रघुबर बिमल जसु, जो दायकु फल चारि।। बुद्धिहीन तनु जानिके, सुमिरौं पवन-कुमार। बल बुद्धि बिद्या देहु मोहिं, हरहु कलेस बिकार।।

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